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Managing and Adapting Challenging Behaviours in Children Using Positive Behavioural Support

Date: Wednesday March 28th 2018

VENUE: House of Nutrition, Main Road, Lakeside

Time: 17:00 – 20:00

Audience: Professionals in the field of Psychology, Education, Occupational Therapy, as well as parents, students etc.

Brief: Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) is a comprehensive, research-based proactive approach to behavioural support that attempts to generate change for children with challenging behaviour. It involves identifying the purpose of challenging behaviour, teaching appropriate alternative responses that serve the same purpose as the behaviour, consistently rewarding positive behaviours and minimizing the physiological and environmental aspects that trigger challenging behaviour.

The way that teachers, staff, professionals and parents handle these behaviours has a significant impact on whether the behaviours are maintained as well as their rate of occurrence. This is an informative, introductory workshop on challenging behaviour.

Participants will be able to:

  • Describe challenging behaviour.
  • Describe how challenging behaviour serves as a function for children (reasons and purposes of behaviour).
  • Discuss levels of reinforcement of behaviour.
  • Describe Positive Behavioural Support (PBS).
  • Discuss the importance of building relationships with children, families and colleagues.
  • Discuss the relationship between environmental variables / setting events and children’s challenging behaviour.
  • Be able to discuss and implement basic PBS strategies.
  • Be better equipped to obtain support and information needed.

This workshop includes:

What is challenging behaviour?

Challenging behaviour in different environments (classroom vs. home)

What is Positive Behavioural Support? (PBS)

Jargon discussed briefly

Reinforcement – What is it?

Positive reinforcement

Negative reinforcement

Scenarios discussed

Risk Factors for challenging behaviour

Maintaining behaviours

Function of behaviours

The ABC’s of challenging behaviour

Developing positive support to change behaviours

Preventing challenging behaviours

Replacing challenging behaviours with new skills

Changing your responses to challenging behaviours

COST: R400.00 including manual and stimuli

Tea and coffee will be served as well.

Please email me for more information or to book your spot